From call-guide review to custom role-plays for your sales reps (with periodic refreshers). Includes an assessment of your marcom package’s inquiry-pulling power and practical recommendations to streamline your inquiry-to-sale process.

Session Facilitator
Keep strategy sessions on track and make sure everybody has a chance to participate. A knowledgeable facilitator can neutralize flashpoints, keep digressions in check, and improve the odds of a productive meeting.

Company Audits

Ad agencies, marketing departments and consulting firms call on us to uncover their company’s strengths and soft spots, ferret out business opportunities, and assess employee/client attitudes and opinions.
Deliverables include verbatim and summarized results, recommendations by priority, and a presentation of
findings for management and staff.

Highly opinionated marketing advice
free with every

Need a sounding board? An objective listener? A brainstorming partner? Perspective on a marketing decision before you pull the trigger? We can help. Sometimes all you need is a fresh pont of view.